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Why Do We Give?

As believers, we model our lives after Jesus Christ. He displayed the Ultimate Generous Life. Generosity is one of the least talked about aspects of our faith. But when we look at what Jesus did on the cross, generosity was at the heart of it. He gave his life in order that we may have life. Because we follow Christ's example, each of us as believers should take part in The Generous Life

In the ongoing rhythms of our church, Salem will be seeking to encourage all of us along the pathway toward more generous lives and giving habits. The Generous Life pathway above portrays our own personal journey of discipleship and the potential development of all of us as we begin wherever we are. As we grow, our goal is to advance the Kingdom of God as well as increasing our personal generosity. 

How Can I Give?

There are three ways you can give at Salem:

  1. Online Giving
  2. Text Giving
  3. Giving at a Worship Service

Online Giving

We power our secure online giving through ACS Technologies. 

Quick Links for the ACS Giving System:

  1. Access My Account
  2. Submit a Gift

How to Create a ACS Giving Account:

  1. Have your preferred payment method available (bank account # or credit card).
  2. Visit the ACS Online Giving page.
  3. Enter an amount, fund designation, and your email address. Note: if you want to give to a fund that is not listed, choose "general fund" and specify the fund in the optional memo space to the right.
  4. You will be directed to confirm your email address and proceed with the transaction by entering bank account or credit card information, then completing the transaction. You now have an ACS Giving account set up.
  5. You will receive an email within a few minutes to confirm your login and user name with a link that says "The following link is only good for 24 hours, so click here and make sure this is your church." That link will prompt you to set up your password.

How to Create Automatic ACS Giving Payments:

  1. Sign in to your existing ACS Giving account (complete above steps if you have not already).
  2. Select the "Giving" tab at the top
  3. Select the "My Scheduled Giving" sub tab from that page.
  4. Select the green "Add New Gift" button at the top right and fill out your information.
  5. You may add multiple recurring payments by repeating this method.

Give by Text

  1. Text SALEMBCAPEX to 73256.
  2. Click the link you receive in the text response.
  3. Follow the prompts to give.
  4. Text giving saves your payment method so you easily give again.

Give at a Worship Service

Normally you may give at one of our three worship services during the offering time. However due to COVID-19 regular worship services have been canceled, so instead you may mail a check to the church office. At this address:

Mailing Address (Church Office):
1205 Salem Church Road
Apex, NC 27523

Thank you for your generosity!