Salem's History


Leaving a Legacy

In 1840, the Salem Meeting House was officially designated a church by residents who had been gathering there for worship for a time. Three parcels of land had been donated by three families, and construction of the meeting house began. Reverend Stephen Senter was the first pastor, traveling to the area for one service a month, receiving the $30 yearly salary that had been raised to support his service. From that first one-room building to the current 22-acre campus with over 120,000 square feet of worship and educational facilities, Salem has been a dynamic presence in a dramatically changing community. As was written in the records of the 1840 meeting, “This church (Salem) recently constituted under very favorable circumstances though their number is small, yet the prospects of an increase are very flattering for the work of the Lord is progressing in the neighborhood.” Salem now celebrates its heritage every year on the fourth Sunday of October with an event we call Harvest Day.