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Pastor Carmona

Pastor Justin Carmona

Pastor of Families and Group Life
 (phone extension 122)

Pastor Carmona joined the Salem staff in November of 2005.

Family: Megan and I have been married since 2001. We have one son, Silas, who was born in 2010.

Testimony: I came to know Jesus as my Savior when I was 12 through the ministry of Salem Baptist Church. Jesus became Lord of my life when I was 20 and I realized it was all about Him and not at all about me.

Education: Liberty University

Book: Crazy Love by Francis Chan
Food: Rucker John’s Steak
Snack Food: String Cheese
Movie: Big Fish
TV Show: The Amazing Race
Actor: Brad Pitt
Time of Day: 5:15 pm
Season: Summer
Place in the World: Ecuador
Place to Pray: Roof of Building D
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Softball, Golf, Basketball, Eating, Reading
Scripture: John 3:30, Matthew 5:16
Bible Story: Resurrection
Sports Team: Boston Red Sox
Sport: Baseball

Least Favorites
Food: Anything that lives in the water
Time of Day: Whenever the alarm goes off
Season: The last week of all seasons (ready for the next one)
Sports Team: That baseball team in New York whose name I am not allowed to type

Best Thing Someone Said To You: I love you

Life Motto: He must increase; I must decrease