Enrollment Policy and Classes Offered

All classes for the August 2018 to May 2019 school year are full except for one opening in our TK class. To learn more about this opening or to be placed on our wait list, please contact Tammy Pressley, director, at 919-387-3400 or Preschool tours are only given for an opening or at our Open House in January.

Salem Baptist Preschool is not presently equipped or trained to accept students who are developmentally challenged outside of their chronological age level; therefore, children must be the developmental, chronological and cognitive age of the class they enter. All students who are receiving any developmental assistance must present all evaluations to the Director prior to entry or contact the Director concerning when evaluations will be available. Children must be the age of the class they are entering by August 31 of that school year. The Director and the governing board have the right to dismiss any child should they be unable to adjust to the classroom and age level requirements in a 3–6 week period. Circumstances such as unresolved language and/or communication barrier, uncontrollable crying, screaming or anxiety, inability to adapt to the classroom routine, disruptive and/or aggressive behavior are some of the reasons for dismissal.

The Registration Fee is $100 for the first child and $75 for each additional child in the family, This fee is non-refundable, even if your child cannot attend the preschool for the upcoming year. To secure your child's enrollment, September tuition must be paid by June 30. We do not accept credit or debit cards. We accept checks and the correct amount of cash. We do not keep cash on the premises; therefore, we are unable to give change.

The following classes are offered for students:
Two Year Olds: One Class on MWF; One Class on WF; and Two Classes on TTH
Three Year Olds: Three Classes on MWF and Three Classes on TTH
Four Year Olds: Three Classes on MWF; Two Classes on M-F; and One Class on TTH
Pre-K: One Class on M-F

Cost for each class for 2018-2019:
Two day classes: $150 per month
Three day classes: $195 per month
Five day classes: $270 per month  

Open House and Registration Dates for the August 2018-May 2019 School Year

*Please note that due to security reasons, public observations in the classrooms are not allowed. Preschool tours for open spots are available by appointment only. Contact the preschool during office hours or email the director at to schedule a tour.  No tours will be given before Open House or January 21 through January 25 due to the various registrations.

Please join us on Friday, January 11 at 10:00 am for our annual Open House.  At this time, you will hear an overview of our preschool, watch a slide show of a typical school day, learn about the registration process, and take a tour with an age level teacher.  This is for parents only, so please make childcare arrangements.


Monday, January 21: 
 1. Salem church members currently in the preschool  
 2. Transitional Kindergarten in the following order: 

    A. Salem church members currently enrolled in a four year old class at our 
    B. Non-Salem church members currently enrolled in a four year old class at our
    C. Salem church members who do not have a child enrolled in the preschool **
    D. Alumni **
    E. Non-Salem church members who don't have a child enrolled in the preschool ** 
 3. Students currently enrolled in the preschool who are not Salem church members
 4. Salem church members who currently have a child in the preschool and wish to  enroll that child's sibling who is not currently in the preschool
 5. Non-Salem church members who currently have a child in the preschool and wish to enroll that child's sibling who is not currently in the preschool

 **If you do not have a child currently enrolled in the preschool, you will need to bring a registration form by the preschool no later than 12:30 pm on Wednesday, January 16 to be considered for the TK class.  
The director and assistant will place students in classes in the above order based on parents' first, second, and third choices.  If needed, they will conduct a lottery. The assignments will be posted outside the director's office on Tuesday, January 23

Tuesday, January 22
1. Salem church members who are not currently enrolled (9:30 am)
**Please note that you must have been an ACTIVE church member for a minimum of six months

2. Alumni (11:00 am): An alumni is a  parent who has had children in the preschool in the past but doesn't currently have an enrolled child and wish to register a sibling of the previously enrolled student

Lottery numbers will be given out for both registrations only if needed

Wednesday, January 23: 
Public Registration. This registration is for children who are not currently in the preschool and are interested in enrolling a child in a two, three, or four year old class.  Transitional Kindergarten registration is on Monday, January 21.  Please see below for the lottery procedure.

Registration Form 2018-2019 (PDF)

You may sign your child up for only one class. Exceptions are made for staff children when necessary. We can only accept registration forms on the day of registration, so early drop off and mail-in of registration forms is not permitted. If you have difficulty understanding or reading English, you will need to bring someone with you to interpret because if your child is enrolled, you will be required to sign policies and answer questions that you must understand. 

See FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the preschool home page for more detailed information.

Lottery Registration Procedures

  • Parent or parental proxy must be available at the time of the drawing.
  • Please do not arrive prior to 9:30 in order to allow our parents ample time to park and bring their children to the classrooms. Numbers will be given out between 9:30 and 10:30.
  • Forms will be numbered as they are received and you will receive a corresponding number. Your number will be placed in a box and we will begin drawing numbers from that box at 10:45 am. Siblings will receive the same number and register in the same order when that number is called.  There is no advantage to having number one over number fifty.  The drawing is random, so everyone has an equal chance of getting enrolled.
  • If you choose to receive your number early, leave campus, and then come back, we urge you to return by 10:30 am. If you are not present when your number is called, you will be skipped.
  • The registration forms will be checked for discrepancies, such as duplicate forms, before numbers are called.
  • Duplicate forms or any other deception will remove your child from participation in the drawing and any future registration
  • Once a class is full, a waiting list will begin in the order that lottery numbers are called.