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When you serve at Salem, you help us fulfill our mission to glorify God, make disciples who pursue Jesus, and share His story. Below are some open service areas. Please contact us at or 919-362-7327 if you have any questions.

Glorify God

Music Ministry

One way we glorify God is through music. Do you sing or play an instrument? We would love your help! Contact Pastor Jeff to sign up.

Make Disciples

Preschool Ministry

Investing in the next generation of Christ followers is vital to advancing God’s Kingdom. One way we do this is through Wee Worship, a worship service tailored for our preschoolers. We also value keeping our kids safe at Salem. All adults must complete our Abuse Policy Questionnaire and pass a background check before serving in our Preschool Ministry. Please contact Lee Nourse to learn how you can invest in our preschoolers.

Bible Fellowship Groups (BFGs)

Bible Fellowship Groups meet on Sundays, similar to a traditional Sunday School structure, at both 9:40 am and 11:00 am. Please contact Pastor Justin if you would like to lead a BFG. Your leadership is valuable to us!

Community Groups

Community Groups are like BFGs, except that they meet during the week. Please contact Nick Sennert if you would like to lead a Community Group.

Discipleship Classes

Discipleship Classes are short-term Bible studies based on a topic or a book of the Bible. Please contact Pastor Justin if you are interested in leading a Discipleship Class.

Prayer Partners

A team of pastors and leaders are working hard to pair an adult prayer warrior with each student in Salem's student ministry. Men and women are needed to help them reach their goal—if you feel led to step up as a prayer warrior for this next generation, please know this has the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of our students and in the life of our church. Please contact Craig, Pastor Josh, or Pastor Mike for more information.

Share His Story


Missional living helps us make disciples and share God’s story. Click here to go to our Missions page for more information on how you can live life on mission.

Story Team

Salem’s Story Team uses videographic, photographic, and written media to share God’s story. We are currently looking for production assistants, camera operators, and audio technicians. Please contact us to learn how you can get involved with our Story Team.