Small Groups

Get to know others at Salem while deepening your relationship with God through small groups. Bible Fellowship Groups and Community groups offer discussion- or teaching-based studies on Biblical topics and books of the Bible. They also offer social fellowships, group service projects, prayer support, and other care needs. You can start anytime throughout the year. If you need help finding a class, ask a greeter on campus when you visit or contact the church office during the week.

Bible Fellowship Groups (Sunday School)

BFGs meet on-campus, year-round, Sunday mornings from 9:45 am – 10:45 am.

  • Kids on The Hill: Saturdays at 6:00 pm during The Hill Service; K–2 and Grades 3–5
  • Special Needs: School-age children – young adults with special needs, led by P. DeYoung, S. Kubel, located in A114
  • Babies: led by M. Booth, S. Cotten, located in D118
  • Crawlers: led by J. Sass, located in D110
  • Toddlers: led by M. Bond, R. Harper, S. McMorris, T. Hartwick located in D112
  • 2 year olds: led by C. Hanson, M. Olds, located in C113
  • 3 year olds: led by S. Yates, K. Jones, J. Schmitt, located in C114 
  • 4 year olds: led by M. Quick, W. Quick, located in C116
  • 5 year olds: led by D. Thompson, F. Viegelmann, C. Owen, located in C117
  • 1st Grade: led by D. Hardee, C. Roberts, A. Baker, located in C211
  • 2nd Grade: led by K. Jones, T. Pressley, M. Schmitt, located in C215
  • 3rd Grade: led by B. McHenry, D. McHenry, located in C217
  • 4th Grade: led by M. Holt, J. Farnsworth, J. Gaster, located in C214
  • 5th Grade: led by G. Tierney, H. Kane, located in C216
  • 6th Grade: led by C. Hardee, C. Hinson, located in B107
  • 7th Grade: led by C. Thompson, P. Thompson, A. Walker, located in B105
  • 8th Grade: led by K. Wilson, K. Wilson, J. & A. Moore, located in B106
  • 9th Grade: led by L. Kearney, S. Kearney, located in B204
  • 10th Grade: led by N. Moore, M. Pressley, located in B202
  • 11th Grade: led by J. Summerville, N. Summerville, located in B208/206
  • 12th Grade: led by K. Johnson, R. Johnson, located in B201
  • College/Young Career: College students and young people ages 18–22, led by J. & M. Carmona and S. & M. Lee, B. & R. Blanton, located in Chapel Classroom
  • Next Step Young Career: Post-college and career adults ages 20s – early 30s, led by J. & K. Byrd and B. & F. Flowers, Located in A20
  • Young Adult 1: Young couples ages 20s – 30s—newly married, engaged, dating, led by A. & M. Tessneer and J. & A. Moore, located in D215
  • Young Adult 2: Couples ages 20s – 30s with preschool and school-aged children, led by D. Dawson, located in D211
  • Young Adult 3: Couples ages 30s – early 40s with elementary-aged children, led by J. & M. Fisher, located in C224
  • Median Adult 1: Couples ages late 30s – early 50s, led by J. and K. Powell, located in D132
  • Median Adult 2: Couples ages 40s – mid 50s, led by B. Dascombe, located in D128
  • Median Adult 3: Couples ages 40s – mid 50s, led by S. McAllister, Located in C222
  • Median Adult 5: Men and women (couples and singles) early 50s – late 60s, led by A. & S. Credle, located in D130
  • Median Adult 6: Couples ages 40s and up, led by J. & R. Quattlebaum, located in C220
  • Women of All Ages: Women ages 30s – 80s—single or married, led by W. Cronrath, located in D122
  • SonRise Blend: Men and women, couples and singles, led by J. Simmons, located in C226
  • Mixed Adult Class: Men and women (couples and singles) ages 30s – 60s, led by N. & S. Sennert, located in the Media Center
  • Multi-Aged Class: Men and women (couples and singles) ages 40s – 70s, led by T. Hinson and J. Sommerville, located in D134
  • Senior Adult 1: Men and women (couples and singles) mid 60s – late 80s, led by G. Perkins and M. Harper, located in D138

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Community Groups (weeknight small groups)

In-home Community Groups meet weeknights (currently Mondays and Thursdays) and offer Bible study, fellowship, and care/prayer support. Groups are mixed ages, married and single, and average about 12 people per group. To join a community group, fill out the form below and we will get back to you with your group placement right away!

If you are interested in hosting a Community Group, contact us! We are always growing and looking for willing servants!

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