Small Groups

Discipleship in small group settings is an essential part of our mission. We have multiple meeting times throughout the week, including extensive Bible Fellowship Group offerings on Sundays. Please refer to the list below to select a group and time that is right for you. If you have any questions, contact Pastor Justin at


9:40 AM Hour

Groups for Kids

Precious Jewels
Room A14
Room D118
Room D110
Room D112
2 Year Olds
Room D113
3 Year Olds
Room C114
3 Year Olds
Room C111
4 Year Olds
Room C116
Kindergarten / 5 Year Olds
Room C118
1st Grade
Room B105
2nd Grade
Room B107
3rd Grade
Room C217
4th Grade
Room C214
5th Grade
Room C212

6th Grade

Led by Jason & Katrina Sesler | Room C211

7th Grade

Led by Peter and Courtney Thompson, Craig Hardee | Room C213

8th Grade

Led by Jacques and Charity Kittrell | Room C215

9th Grade

Led by Steve and Lori Kearney | Room B204

10th Grade

Led by Mark Pressley, Nina Moore | Room B202

11th Grade

Led by John and Nola Summerville | Room B206/208

12th Grade

Led by Roger and Kelly Johnson | Room B201


Led by Brent and Robin Blanton | Room C216

Young Adult 1

Led by Mark Thompson and Matthew Yates | Room D215

Mid-Adult 1

Led by David and Heather Dawson | Room C218

Mid-Adult 2

Led by Jeff and Marsha Fisher | Room C224

Mandarin to English

Led by Kathy Beckett | Chapel Classroom

Median Adult 2

Led by John and Kim Powell | Room D132

Median Adult 3

Led by Bob Dascombe | Room D128

Median Adult 4

Led by Brian Beachum |Room C226

Median Adult 6

Led by Donna McKinney | Room C220

Women of All Ages

Led by Windie Cronrath | Room D122

Son Rise Blend

Led by Jim Simmons, Phil Austin | Room D128

Mixed Adult

Led by Nick and Sue Sennert | Room D211

Multi-Aged 1

Led by Jeff Sommerville | Room D134

Senior Adult

Led by Gordon Perkins | Room D138

11:00 AM Hour

Groups for Kids

Wee Worship (Babies-4 Year Olds)

Babies through 4 year olds meet in the same classrooms as their 9:40 AM BFG hour and go in groups to Wee Worship.

Kids Worship (K-2nd Grade)


Kids Worship (3rd-5th Grade)

Kid Zone (Upstairs Building C)

6th-12th Grade

Led by Mike McMorris, Garrett Hinson, Marian Thomas Sudano | Room B202


Led by Ken and Kathy Wilson | Room C216

Young Professionals

Led by Billy and Vickie Booth, Bentley and Leanne Olive | Room A20

Young Married

Led by Justin and Megan Carmona | Room D136

Young Adult 2

Led by Rob and Alyssa Powell | Room D211

Multi-Aged 2

Led by Josh Komis, Ranson Murphy | Room D134

Median Adult 7

Led by Joe and Loretta Campbell | Room D132


Community Groups and Discipleship Classes are our discipleship opportunities during the week.

Community Groups

In-home Community Groups meet weeknights (currently Mondays and Thursdays) and offer Bible study, fellowship, and care / prayer support. Groups are mixed ages, married and single, and average about 12 people per group. Contact Pastor Nick at to learn more about joining and leading a Community Group.

Discipleship Classes

Our discipleship classes are normally Bible studies based on relevant topics, such as marriage, parenting, and more. Click here to see a current list of our discipleship classes and to register for one today. Please contact Pastor Justin at if you have any questions.