The Generous Life

Why do we give?

As believers, we model our lives after Jesus Christ. He displayed the Ultimate Generous Life. Generosity is one of the least talked about aspects of our faith. But when we look at what Jesus did on the cross, generosity was at the heart of it. He gave his life in order that we may have life. Because we follow Christ's example, each of us as believers should take part in The Generous Life

In the ongoing rhythms of our church, Salem will be seeking to encourage all of us along the pathway toward more generous lives and giving habits. The Generous Life pathway above portrays our own personal journey of discipleship and the potential development of all of us as we begin wherever we are. As we grow, our goal is to advance the Kingdom of God as well as increasing our personal generosity. 

The Pathway Explained

  • Emerging: I am beginning my journey of offering my life, service, and gifts to God through Salem.
  • Engaged: I am regularly giving my life and gifts at Salem.
  • Eager: I am consistently giving a tithe to God through Salem.
  • Extravagant: I am learning to live the generous life by expanding beyond my tithe into the practice of extravagant giving for the sake of Kingdom impact. 
  • Legacy: I am committed to making a single gift or an after-life endowment in order to have an ongoing Kingdom impact. 

Resources to Help You Live the Life

  • The Deacons have a Family Budgeting Ministry to help your family get on track. Contact your deacon for more information!
  • At Salem, we periodically offer the Financial Peace University class. Click here for a list of current classes being offered or to view upcoming classes. 

Books to Read

These books are all available for purchase at Salem, and are also available through the Salem library. Contact the church office for more information.



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