Upcoming Events

Adult Membership at Salem

Our next adult Seedbed membership class is on Sunday, July 1, from 9:45 AM – 12:00 PM in Room C213. Come learn all about Salem's DNA and what we believe. Click here to sign up and let us know you are coming!

Student Membership at Salem

Our next new member's class for students is on Sunday, August 5, at 9:45 AM in the Big Youth Room (Building B)! If your student has questions about faith in Jesus, baptism, or wants to know more about Salem, then this would be a great class for them to attend. The class is free and will conclude in time for the 11 AM service. Contact Josh or Mike if you have any questions!

Kid's Membership at Salem

Our next kid's membership class is Sunday, June 24! If your kids are asking faith questions, or curious about baptism, this class is right for them. We’ll meet in the Kid Zone during the BFG hour and discuss topics like salvation, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and the Christian life. Kids must have a parent with them. Click here to register for Kid's Seedbed!

Complete Listing of Student Ministry Events

View the student ministry (grades 6 – 12) upcoming events calendar, which includes weekly activity schedule, retreats, camps, and mission trips.

Complete Listing of Children's Events

View the Children's Ministry page for a full lineup of children's activities and events.